MagReSyn® ultra-capacity high performance magnetic microparticles for MS Sample preparation

ReSyn Biosciences aims to improve the reproducibility and automation of Mass Spectrometry and Bioseparation workflows by providing high capacity and specificity magnetic microparticles, developed using its proprietary polymer microparticle technology platform.

Why choose MagReSyn® products?

  Demonstrated performance superiority

 Technology flexibility allows unique, customizable solutions

  Readily integrated into existing workflows

  Validated automated protocols for a range of robotic platforms








MagReSyn® products are available through our official distributors

Latest News

Join us for our sponsored scientific seminar at virtual US-HUPO 2021 on Wednesday 10 March, 10 AM EST

We are proud to continue our support of US-HUPO by sponsoring the virtual conference in 2021. Please join us for our sponsored seminar and hear from Sergey about his work on GlycoDIA, and Vincent on his understanding of Leishmania using proximity mapping.

Indivumed Application Note: High-throughput phosphoproteomics profiling of non-small cell lung cancer tissues

Inidvumed partners with Biognosys to leverage recent developments in high-throughput mass spectrometry to their cancer discovery platform. IndivuType now combines proteomic and phosphoproteomic data with whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and clinical data for each patient in their database, providing a deep insight into the biology of cancer.

Automate your pre-MS workflows! Olsen Lab using PAC and Ti-IMAC for automated HT phosphoproteomics

If you missed the Nature webinar by Prof. Jesper Olsen you can catch it here!