MagReSyn® Streptavidin

High capacity for capture of biotinylated molecules

MagReSyn® Streptavidin microparticles contain covalently coupled streptavidin. The porous nature of the polymer technology allows for exceptional streptavidin capacity, translating into increased capacity for the immobilization/capture of biotinylated biomolecules. The high streptavidin load allows the use of as little as 10 µl beads, improving experimental miniaturization for high-throughput automated analysis. Molecular applications of MagReSyn® Streptavidin microparticles include, protein immobilization and purification; nucleic acid capture assays and preparation of single-stranded DNA templates for e.g. SELEX and pyrosequencing. The immobilization of biotinylated antibodies may subsequently be used in e.g. immunoassay.

Support: Proprietary polymer microparticles containing iron oxide (magnetite) with immobilised Streptavidin
Binding capacity (DNA): > 30 000 (Biotinylated oligo, 25-mer)
Binding capacity (Protein): > 3 (Biotinylated IgG)
Bead size: ~5-10 µm average
Formulation: 10 suspension in sodium phosphate buffer


MagReSyn® Streptavidin MAX

Ultra-capacity for capture of biotinylated molecules

MagReSyn® Streptavidin MAX microparticles have been specially engineered for custom applications where maximum binding of biotinylated molecules is required. This includes microplate applications where miniaturization and high-throughput automated analysis are required. This product primarily targeted for oligo/peptide isolation, and it is not recommended for protein isolation due to possible steric hindrance with the high streptavidin load. 

Binding capacity (DNA): > 120 000 (Biotinylated oligo, 25-mer)
Bead size: ~5-10 µm
Formulation: 10 suspension in sodium phosphate buffer

* Please note that MagReSyn® Streptavidin MAX is a custom product with minimum 2 weeks lead time from date of order *


Streptavidin protein image courtesy of accession number 5n8b, and used for illustration purposes only.

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin Performance Superiority

Superior capacity

MagReSyn® Streptavidin

  • >3 000 (Biotinylated oligo, 25-mer)
  • >300 µ (Biotinylated IgG)

MagReSyn® Streptavidin MAX

  • MAX: >12 000 

High volumetric streptavidin loading allows unparalleled miniaturization and automation of experimentation

Exceptional Capacity

High capacity for biotinylated protein enables miniaturization of experimentation.

Exceptional Value

  • Bind in excess of 3000 µg biotinylated IgG compared to alternate products
  • Bind in excess of 60 000 pmoles biotinylated oligo per product compared to 25 000 pmoles biotinylated oligo per product for alternate products

MagReSyn® Streptavidin microparticles provide superior binding capacity for biotinylated oligos and protein compared to alternate suppliers. MagReSyn® Streptavidin MAX provides an high capacity for biotinylated oligo and protein binding for specialized applications. Green bars represent MagReSyn®, orange bars represent alternate suppliers products.

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Please review our comprehensive method library to find the most relevant reference material for your particular application.

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin & MagReSyn® Ti-IMAC

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin

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MagReSyn® Streptavidin

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