Products supplied by ReSyn Biosciences (Pty) Ltd are for research purposes only. ReSyn products are not to be used for diagnostic, therapeutic or commercial purposes. Commercial means any use resulting in monetary gain, including, but not limited to, incorporation in a kit, repackaging and re-formulation. Please enquire about sub-licenses for commercial use.
Microsphere technologies continue to revolutionize life science research and development, by enabling new technologies for sample preparation and purification, proteomics, genomics, bio-assays, and diagnostics. The exceptional performance features of ReSyn microspheres can provide a solution to meet your stringent research and development requirements. Let ReSyn Biosciences provide a customized solution to your research and development requirements to accelerate your R&D programs. The exceptional binding capacity of our polymer technology provides a range of options for the attachment of proteins, DNA and RNA with high biological activity and enhanced detection sensitivity. The high binding capacity also provides unique opportunities for the development of customized research solutions that are impossible to achieve using conventional polymer microsphere supports.  
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